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8.1. Material Profile Manager (v2.6.3 or earlier)



  • aleyush

    6. Save the new profile by closing the dialog. If you have the UP Studio open, you need to restart the UP Studio.

    This is no more needed from version

  • andycanprint22

    How about on UpStudio for Mac OSX? The ability to add custom filaments has been removed and there is no ADD button as described above. How can I alter my extruder temperature?

    V2.15 is actually a step backwards, as I was previously able to do this.

  • Matthieu

    I'm running the 2.6.2 on Mac OSX and as andycanprint22 said we can't add custom filaments...

    Is there a chance to see this problem fixed ? It's a real problem not tro be able to use our printer like it was designed to be used ...

  • bcam43

    A am also running UP Studio on a Mac and added a custom material as per below;


    Have someone create the material you want to use on a Windows machine and then export it.

    You can then import this material onto your Mac machine.



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