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Set up Path Width, Change Print Quality


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  • cj7hawk

    Hi Joshua,

    Note in the 0.35mm model, the ENTIRE left wall is detached from the fill. This isn't "small gaps in the surface of the prints" and clearly it damages every single print and affects the print badly.... VERY badly. It's not just a visual defect - it creates faulty prints that cannot be used. There might as well be no infill at all, especially since this means the outer surface is just a single extrusion width wide.

    If you look carefully, this is the case in all the other prints too, though it's close enough to make it look like it might be attached, which it isn't if Tiertime filaments are used. 

    This isn't a software quirk - it's a major bug. Can you please advise what Tiertime is doing to correct this? Also, if someone from Tiertime can help out explaining this in the forums also, that would be very much appreciated. 





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