Installing the Cetus MK3's True-Touch Auto Leveling Probe




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    I had a replacement extension board sent to me but it still did not fix my problem. My Cetus worked fine before I fitted the extension board. Now the Z axis end stop sensor switch does not work. The carriage bumps into the top over and over again. I installed the riboon cable with the silver pins facing outwards. I am at a loss what to do now. If you cannot suggest a remedy then I would like my money refunded noy only for the sensor but also for the extension board. One further comment, the video is not of good quality, it is too fast and badly lit. The young woman does not indicate which way up the ribbon cable goes in and what if we want to use a heated bed as well as the extension board? How is this connected up? How about a video showing the heated bed being installed? The printer is good but you need to improve your instructions and quality control.

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    Hi I have a cetus 3d extended and I have the exact same problem as James and frankly I don't understand why. I have already tested the correct insertion of all cables, strips, as well as the z-endstop cable and everything is as you indicated. I agree with what James has already reported on the quality of the video which does not clearly show, or too quickly, some passages; if it has to help the assembly it must also be slower for not having to always stop it ...
    However the problem remains and if a solution is not provided I will be forced to request the reimbursement of what was paid not only for the expansion card but also for the heated bed and the self-leveling probe that do not work without an expansion card (but I sincerely hope to see the objects I purchased working).
    Waiting for your kind reply
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    The Cetus Mk3 really needs to come with PSU, Heated bed, extension board at the least, probably new chip board too. Otherwise its basically just an un upgradable Mk2. The installation help doesnt make anything clear. Above on this page you have in bold "the metal pins side should face outward on the extension PCB" however look at the image you show it clearly shows the blue backing side of the metal pins being faced towards the PCB as it standard (and which you do indicate to do for the interior end. Your instructions are telling people its facing the PCB for inside the case and facing away from pcb for the other end. Ie twisted around, I am waiting to have this clarified before I switch mine on. You really need to sort out documentation using non-staff, give printer and instructions (just one printed set, not a half dozen instructions hidden all around your site in text and videos). Youve really taken all you learnt with the earlier models and thrown it away for this one to produce a more difficult user experience and possibly taken a step backwards. Did you sack the only inteligent person there? I hope to get proper instructions so I can see if this printer works as well as its pre-decessors. but since the support I got on my mk2 ended in it being destroyed I was forced to buy this one and it feels like it might fry itself if I connect the power, is this your intended business model?? I also have parts left over that are not shown in any instructions, a double ened dc power cable but why is extra power neededwith the larger PSU??? and come black printed thing I have no idea about. grrrr

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