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  • Cecelia created an article,

    Failed to connect UP 300 (Wi-Fi)

    When UP300 is connected wirelessly, there is no prompt on the connection, and the software control operation can’t be performed or the error showing when connecting Wi-Fi: the printer is not respon...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    Replace the Centrifugal Fan for UP BOX+

    Tools Cross Screwdriver / 2.5mm Allen Key / Diagonal Pliers / Ribbon 1. Screw off eight bolts on the back cover by 2.5mm Allen key and take the cover down. 2. Anticlockwise screw off the HEPA filt...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    How to replace Aluminum Plate and keep level of platform after installation on UP BOX/BOX+

    Tools: Cross Screwdriver 1. Take out the cell board.(Press and pull the cell board from the plate) 2. Screw off the bolts for the height detector by cross screwdriver. 3. Unplug FFC-plarform cable...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    Initialization failed: direct power off

    The machine directly powers off and restarts when the initialization function is triggered in any method The cause of this fault is a short circuit, short circuit is easy to damage the mainboard an...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    X Axis Linear Rail Guide Clip Assembly-UP BOX/BOX+

    Tools Cross Screwdriver/ 2.5mm Allen Key 1. Screw off the bolts by Allen key, and take down the short belt from X Axis motor. 2. Take down parts A and B, and screw off the bolts under A and B. T...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    Print model has staggered layers-UP300

    No error, print model has staggering in a direction of different degrees. 1. Confirm the fault axis Observe the model and confirm the direction of the staggered layer to determine the axis Confirm...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    During printing: Z axis automatically drops / X, Y axis suddenly stops on UP300

    Z axis suddenly drops automatically in the printing process, or X-Y axes suddenly stop. After reinitialization, the faulty axis is not powered. Following possibilities will cause this fault for you...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    Method of replacing platform FFC heating wire, height aligning cable and platform adapter board on UP300

    1. Pull out the interface of wire-height aligning cable at the end of the height aligning board and cut off the cable tie;2. Pull out the CFC-platform 26p cable;3. Open the FFC-platform cable inter...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    Motion system error on UP300

    Motion system error 5!!! This error occurs when the display is aligning height automatically during printing. 1. Motor pulley of fault axis is loose, belt is loose, certain injection molded part br...

  • Cecelia created an article,

    Replace PCB Height Detector Board on UP BOX/BOX+

    1. Screw off two bolts on aluminum board. 2. Unplug the sockets on bottom to uninstall the Height Detector. 3. Remove the bolts in red mark and push out the detector by following red arrow. At...