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Cetus MK2 to MK3 Upgrade



  • francishui_sg

    Can the mk1 use this kit too?

  • adrianG

    I've had problems installing the upgrade:items 5 & 7 in the kit differ from the spec above; the ground wire is different (no 5 way plug to attach to PCB), and the USB/power sockets won't align to the holes in the case if the brass standoffs are mounted on the mainboard adapter as shown above - it looks like the board either needs to mount directly to the adapter, or the standoffs need to be moved to new drilled&tapped holes in the base plate, and the adaptor discarded. I'll submit a  support request - not sure if these comments are monitored.

  • adrianG

    Will Tiertime issue signed drivers for Windows? 

    I have completed the hardware upgrade, but now can't upgrade the ROM, as Windows does not have the correct drivers. I tried downloading the drivers from the website, but these are still not signed and so will not install.

    Turning off the Widows security features to force the installation is not a desirable solution.

  • mykey

    Hi the kit has different bugs:

    1. the 3d printed parts are not ok

    for the z axis I had to use the original cap to make a hole for the endstop because the linear rail from my printer seems to be shorter (the black part is the new one from the link above (didn't fit).

    when the Mainboard was installed it was too close to the baseplate edge so that I could not put the Cover back on again. Therefore I hab to drill 4 more holes in the Baseplate to shift the Mainboard about 5mm to the  middle.

    after installing all the hardware I flashed the CPU with

    seems to work...but.... the hardware Init switch did not work anymore !!!!!!

    Init via software is working and the endstops are working too.

    But thats not all !!!

    when I wantetd to print the first time (alfter leveling of course) the Nozzle first cleans (one straight line) which was ok. But when starting the first raft-layer-line the nozzles seems to dig into the printbed.

    y and z axis move simultaniously.

    So I dont know whats wrong and I need support


  • tdevaney

    I have the same problem with the base cover. Is this the only solution? Printing is fine  though.

  • HRoemer

    It works for me: mainboard adaptor plate (remix)

    And: I mounted the board directly on the adapter.

  • dcgallego

    It seems that they forgot to remove the v-groove edge rails from the PCB. After removing them carefully with pliers the PCB fits perfectly in the case with the original adaptor.

  • Rodsterman

    i cant get anything to work after Rom flashing attempt. It only took 1 second so I don't think it flashed the new firmware. Anybody?

  • EdenCH

    I have the Problem, that after flashing the rom, connecting the momentary switches and doing evrything above (plus the adjustments in the coments), the printer just ignores them and jamms right in the z-Axis stopper. In the Up studio software there is an system error, after reinstalling the rom using the utility software that error was gone. Problem is still there. please Help

  • Roko88

    After install all hardware during initialization X os go in wrong direction, Z and Y os is OK. Z/Y cable connect on extension board is OK, X os endswitch???. Autolevelin probe not working, Heated plate is working. Need help...


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