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8.2 Custom Material Profile ( UP Studio V2.6.43 or later)



  • Elhawan

    Hi Jason, I've found your tutoriel very interesting !

    However, I own a cetus MK3. When I go into Matdef and modify stuff like retraction, basic temp etc... then on the top right corner, save. Quit MatDef, open Up studio. Load the stl and print with my custom settings, then I really have the feelings, my modifications are not taken into consideration.

    What should I do to make sure the printer take my new setting into consideration ?


    Thanks in advance ! Best regards,

  • matthew_cadle

    I have the same as Elhawan above. I am using an UP300.

    I made a custom material based off the ABS profile but it is using the original ABS profile. It seems like it is using the profile stored and selected in the machine rather than the selection from the software.

    How do you get the material profile to the machine? I can see that at some time in the past I have sent a custom material profile to the machine but I'm not sure at which stage this happens.


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