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Set Nozzle Height Value



  • CamelCase

    I have Cetus MKIII with heat bed + autolevel option installed. When I press the "Auto Detect" button I just get error [-1913] Error: Height Detection Error (NORESPONSE).

    Flat ribbon cable connection between the two PCBs as well as function of the leveling probe itself already have been double-checked.

    Has anyone experienced that and knows reason and solution?

  • timhubbardmeuk

    I also have the [-1913] Error: Height Detection Error (NORESPONSE) problem when using "Auto Detect" as described by 'CamelCase'. I've checked everything I can and can't find the cause.

    Do Tiertime still support this printer? The website doesn't doesn't even seem to sell spare parts for the Cetus MKIII anymore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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