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What is the Nozzle Offset and how it works?



  • Susan

    This still does NOT tell me how the adjust the value!!!

    Do I use a positive or a negative number, and which way round does this affect the overall nozzle height?

    If the build plate is at zero then I add a value to raise the nozzle, but if the build plate is at +124.77mm then I need to subtract a value to raise the nozzle.

    This is not clear from the documentation.

  • Jason Wu

    Final nozzle height = nozzle height value + offset

    the bigger the nozzle height value = closer to platform

    So if you want the nozzle to be closer to platform, either increase the nozzle height value or add a positive offset value; if need the nozzle to be away from the platform, reduce nozzle height value or add a negative offset.

  • Susan

    Awesome :)

    Many thanks Jason for confirming the correct setup.

    BTW my UP mini 2ES is successfully printing in polycarbonate.


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